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Hair Extensions

I have a huge passion for hair extensions, I love the confidence boost they bring to my clients - please read below about the methods I offer & contact me to find out more about how hair extensions can change your life!


Full consultations given to all clients..

All hair extensions clients start by seeing me for a consultation. This is a friendly chat with me to discuss look required. I have examples of all my methods & hair ranges for you look at & feel.

In this appointment I will discuss with you

  • What you want to achieve.

  • Aftercare/cost

  • Hair colour - colour matching.

  • Lifestyle 

  • Any questions you have regarding extensions.

  • I usually do these in 2 steps a video call 1st & then if suitable a in-person consultation.

  • Book one today here.

micro loop beaded weft

Micro loop beaded weft.

A versatile weft method great for adding length to shorter hair.

The method attaches by using a piece of your natural hair along with hair from your chosen weft secured into place with silicon lined micro beads.

  • Perfect for adding volume to long bobs as sits very flat & neat.

  • Great for adding length to shorter hair as placement can be adapted to suit the clients natural hair length.

  • Refits are needed every 6-12 weeks depending on volume of hair & how fast your hair grows.

mini tips

Mini tips 

Exclusive to the Remi Cachet elegance range. Fixes into place with a tiny copper mini lock.

  • Add length volume & colour.

  • Add thickness to bobs.

  • Great for high ponytails as have 360 degree movement.

  • Small & discreet mini lock bead.

  • Refits required every 8-12 weeks.

  • Colour options are endless.

  • Available in packs of 50 strands.

flat track weave

Flat track weft

Great method for fine hair as the track is secured into place using silicon micro beads. The weft is secured into place using blanket stitch.

  • ​Multiple wefts can be applied.

  • Small surface area.

  • Neat weft ends 

  • Hair can be worn up.

  • Refits every 6-12 weeks 

 braid less sew in weave

Braid-less sew in weft/weave

A very popular method of hair extensions for goddess length & thickness. Wefts can also be used to add volume to long bobs.

This particular weft method uses a row of silicon lined beads on which a weft can be sewn onto.

  • Add length & volume to your hair

  • Wefts can be layered on top of each other for super thick hair & to create amazing colour combinations

  • Refits are needed every 6-12 weeks depending on volume of hair & how fast your hair grows.

  • Hair can be worn up with this methods

  • Available in all ranges of hair I offer.

ultra tips

Ultra tips & pro tips 

Exclusive to the Remi Cachet elegance range. Fixes into place with a tiny copper ultra lock, super flat & super light.

  • Add length volume & colour 

  • Add thickness to bobs.

  • Almost paper thin with amazing hair distribution.

  • Perfect for fine hair.

  • Small & discreet lock

  • Refits required every 8-12 weeks.

  • Colour options are endless 

  • Can be fitted with wefts for extra fullness.

  • Available in packs of 25 strands 

godiva secret weave

Godiva secret weave

A completely hidden method of weft.

  • All beads & stitching is hidden 

  • Great for hair ups 

  • Multiple layers of wefts can be used 

  • Perfect for length fits.

  • Perfect for the Bellami volume wefts

Hair loss systems

My kind & gentle method in hair loss is the latest meshless system offering the best in comfort for the wearer with beautiful natural results. You may want just a fringe piece or full coverage – all systems are bespoke to the wearer & can be fully custom coloured. Full consultations given

My systems are suitable for -

  • Alopecia

  • Trichotillomania

  • Post chemotherapy,

  • Receding hairlines,

  • Telegenic Effluvium,

  • Thinning hair

  • Bald patches

  • Menopause

  • Hereditary-related hair loss.

  • Transgender


Bespoke wig making

My hand-made wigs are made to measure & can be custom coloured to your requirements. In a range of lengths perfect if you want to change your look or need total hair coverage.

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