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Hair Toppers & Wigs

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Hair Topper
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What is a topper?

A natural looking hair piece, made from human hair.


Can it be coloured/styled?

Yes! It be coloured and styled to  seamlessly blend with your hair.

How does it attach to be head?

Your topper will be clipped securely into place onto your existing hair.


How much do they cost?

Prices start from £400 


What do I get included with my topper?

Your topper will be cut and styled to blend with your hair.

You'll also receive:

  • A wig block

  • Wig bag

  • Shampoo & conditioner

  • Leave in conditioner & oil

  • Hair brush, clips & combs

  • YouTube channel with fitting guide & top tips.

When will I get my topper?

You bespoke topper will take about 4 weeks to create. We also have a small range of toppers that you can purchase straight away if they're suitable for you. 

What else? I also provide an additional service to wash and style your topper for an additional cost, if required.

I also offer a range of synthetic wigs. If you're unsure about wearing a hair piece or just want a change of look, these wigs are a great place to start. They look great, can be cut and styled for you and are a lower financial investment.

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