Hair extensions

Aftercare guide

Please read below on how to care for your extensions.


For your aftercare products- 


Daily care- 

  • Within the 1st few days of having extensions they will feel a little tight to begin with & take a bit of getting used to.

  • If you decide they aren't for you please contact me ASAP to arrange removal.

  • Avoid high pony tails for the 1st 2 weeks to allow yourself time to get used to how they feel & settle in before attempting that high pony tail.

  • All clients will be offered a wash blow-dry appointment (£27) around 2 weeks after your 1st fitting in this appointment i will give practical tips on hair washing, blow-drying & check that you are happy & enjoying your new hair.

  • Hair extensions must be brushed through before shampooing to avoid any matting & to ensure hair is free from any tangles & debris.

  • Secure the hair at the root area with one hand whilst detangling to avoid any pulling or tension to the hair extension connection & natural hair. 

  • Always use the soft bristle brush I recommend for you Remi Cachet soft bristle brush its the best for all your styling needs  –this will reduce tension & pulling of your hair extensions.

  • Avoid brushes with bobbles & hard bristles such tangle teasers & wet brushes particularly around the root area as they will cause slippage & scalp discomfort.(hard bushed can be used on the length just not the root)

  • Brush your scalp gently everyday to keep your extensions clean & your scalp healthy.

Sleeping with your new hair- 

  • I advise silk pillow case or sleeping cap reduce friction whilst sleeping & always wear your hair in a loose plait to reduce tangles. 

  • Never go to bed with wet hair this will cause matting.

Washing & styling-

  • When shampooing your extensions shampoo vertically not horizontally or in a circular motion as the will create less tangles – allow the shampoo lather to wash the ends of the extensions as its being rinsed through never scrub the extensions it can cause matting.

  • Daily washing isn't recommended for hair extensions 2-3 days between washing your hair is what I recommend -dry shampoos can also be used on your natural hair. 

  • Woke up & hair is slightly out of shape? couple of sprays of water apply heat spray & re blow-dry will refresh your style straighten if needed. 

  • If your hair is prone to being greasy I recommend more frequent washing to avoid build up of natural oils which then can cause bead slippage.

  • I recommend washing hair the in the upright position in the shower. 

  • When hair is wet comb gently using a wide tooth comb whilst securing the root area.  

  • I recommend using a microfiber towel to absorb excess moisture to reduce drying time. 

  • Heat protections sprays must be used to look after your hair extensions & extend their lifespan. 

  • Your hair will need styling more regularly with hair washing & drying taking alot longer whilst wearing extensions so plan when you will need wash your hair.

  • Blow dry the hair extensions root to tip to encourage cuticles to lie flat for a smooth finish. 

  • Extensions must be dried at the roots to avoid matting & any skin irritation. 

  • Non- professional (supermarket ) hair products are not suitable for hair extensions.

  • It is important to use shampoos & conditioners formulated especially for ‘hair extensions’ or ones recommend by your stylist. FAILURE to use correct products will reduce the lifespan of your hair extensions & void any warrantees 

  • Avoid conditioners around the root area as this can cause slippage of the extensions work through the ends & mid-lengths. 

  • Hair extensions can be itchy due the shedding of your natural hair, don’t use sharp fingernails to scratch as this can cause sores to appear or inflammation. Aloe Vera can be applied to relive the itching. 

  • Avoid wearing your hair up for the 1st few days after hair extension application. 

  • Hormones & medication changes can also effect your hair and results of extensions please let me know if anything has changed before your re-fit with me.

Hair warranties 

  • Remi Cachet have a scheme in place called  Hairsurance®  if you use the Remi cachet aftercare you will be covered by their 6 month warranty - you must provide proof of purchase for their products to fulfil this warranty –  please read about more it here. 

  • To get the 6 month warranty on the Remi Cachet range of hair you must have purchased at least 1litre of their shampoo & conditioner with also 100ml of their hair oil. Within the 6 month period 

  • You can buy the amount needed on purchase of your hair at a cost of £75.00 or you can buy the starter kit 250ml shampoo,250ml conditioner ,miracle mist & 100ml hair oil set at £40.00 & then purchase additional bottles of shampoo/conditioner on your refit appointment at a cost of £11.95 each.

  • Without this scheme I will be unable to send back any Remi cachet hair that's developed a fault as I will have to provide proof of purchase for the aftercare products to uphold the warranty.

  • Non- professional (supermarket ) hair products are not suitable for hair extensions.

  • It is important to use shampoos & conditioners formulated especially for ‘hair extensions’ or ones recommend by your stylist. FAILURE to use correct products will reduce the lifespan of your hair extensions & void any warrantees 

  • Bellami hair has a 3 month warranty - I can advise on the correct products to use on your hair extensions.

  • Please contact me if you have any concerns.

  • Refunds cannot be given on hair once I have open the packets.

IGeneral styling heated equipment etc.

  • Heat protections sprays must be used to look after your hair extensions & extend their lifespan. 

  • Hair straighteners & tongs can be used but avoid the attachment area.

  • Use silk, satin & snag free bobbles for pony tails to protect the hair.

Hair colouring whilst wearing extensions

  • I recommend all hair extension clients have their hair coloured with me- this is so I can make sure your hair always matches your extensions. 

  • If you have you hair coloured with your regular hairdresser, I will just record on my fitting form date of you last colour.
    (this is for insurance purposes) Also if your hair colour changes I may not be able to refit if it no longer matches your extensions.

  • Home colouring/toning eg box dyes are not suitable whilst wearing extensions.

  • I can recommend suitable products for home toning I will discuss this on your consultation.

  • Due to the way in which hair extensions are coloured they will naturally fade similar to how normal hair that's coloured faded from sunlight ,heat styling etc particularly ash tones will fade over time and reveal there brassy undertones- Toner baths & re-colouring service is available at an additional charge if required. 

Re-fits & maintenance appointments.

You must attend your refit appointments damage to your natural hair can happen if you miss them.

  • Every 6-12 weeks (depending on your natural hair growth & method chosen) you will require a maintenance-these appointments must be attended or damage will occur to your natural hair. These appointments  will be booked in on your 1st fitting with me & all costings will be discussed & noted on your records on your in-person consultation appointment & fitting.

  • This involves carefully removing all hair extensions brushing out any shed hair & replacing the hair extensions with new beads/thread or tapes depending on your method.

  • I will carefully inspect your scalp to check you haven't got any signs of underlying scalp conditions-if I think there is a issue I will recommend a trip to your GP & will offer a refit when suitable.

  • Rotation of extensions- I will slightly change the fitting position of extensions each time to ensure maximum scalp health this will mean on occasion I will need to cut your extensions to allow for this.

  • From time to time I may recommend you have a break from hair extensions (due to hair & scalp health).I will discuss this with you if required.

  • Hair extensions are not damaging to the natural hair if they are applied, maintained & removed correctly. 

  • Our hair naturally sheds between 50 & 100 strand per day this loose hair gets trapped in the hair extension connection & is visible at the root area this hair is removed on your maintenance appointments. 

  • At these appointments you may choose to have your roots re-touched & hair cut to keep your natural hair healthy.

  • For volume fits your natural hair will be cut to match up with your extension length.

  • All clients will be offered free mini-maintenance appointments which can be booked when ever you need one via my booking system online or via contacting me on 07900934134. 

  • If you don't attend your maintenance appointments damage may occur to your natural hair & extensions.

  • Any hair extensions you lose can be reapplied on your maintenance appointments. 

  • If you decide you want to have a break from extensions, I can remove & prepare them ready for when you want them refitted. (there will be charge for this appointment). 

  • Any adjustments to hair extensions due to poor aftercare will be charged at my hourly rate £27.50 per hour. 

Covid PPE 

  • Take extra care whilst wearing visors & similar PPE the tight rubber straps can easily pull on extensions causing discomfort & loosening of extensions.

 Hair extension don'ts

  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair or leave your hair wet for prolonged periods of time without detangling.  

  • Don’t attempt to remove or adjust any hair extensions yourself. 

  • Don’t leave your hair extension length than 6-12 weeks without maintenance appointments as this can cause damage to your natural hair. 

Going on holiday abroad, hot tubs, gym & sport activity's  

  • Hair extensions can be effected by chlorinated water, hard water and water with a high mineral content, products containing Avobenzone which is in sun cream can damage your hair extensions & discolour them.  Malibu C is the remedy for this which can be purchased here .

  • Do not get sea/salt water on your hair extensions

  • Hot tubs & swimming - your hair must be kept out of chlorinated water by tying up & using suitable conditioners 

  • If your hair gets wet from the swimming pool or hot tub it must be washed immediately after getting out of the pool

  • At the gym - please wash your hair after your workout to remove impurity's.

  • If you wear a helmet for sport horse riding/motorsport etc this can cause tension to hair extensions & your natural hair so avoid wearing helmets whilst your have your extensions in.

  • Tape extensions are not suitable for hot climates as the glue can become soft & cause the extensions to slip. 

Other information

  • All hair must paid for before I order & I accept BACS & card payment for hair.

  • I will not fit or consult under 18s for hair extensions.

  • If you change your hair colour or length of hair after consultation & the hair ordered is no longer suitable for you a admin charge of £25.00 will be payable for me return the hair - I will issue a refund to you as soon as I have been credited for the return & refund you via the method you paid.(This can take 2-3 weeks for my supplier to process any returns)

  • The same above applies if I order the hair & then you decide not to go ahead with the hair extensions & I need return the hair to my supplier.

  • All hair ordered belongs to you the client & any excess left over is your to keep until required. 

  • I will fit your own hair providing its of a very high quality & is suitable for your hair.

  • Click here for my complaints policy.

My contact number: Rebecca Banham 07900934134 



Not suitable for extensions ok for ends but not the root area.

Perfect for hair extensions