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Hair loss system- FAQ

Who is the system suitable for?

Clients with thinning and fine hair due to reasons such as menopause, thyroid problems, age-related thinning, and hair-pulling, Certain types of alopecia, Hair that’s in recovery from cancer treatment. Clients that want to achieve feminine styles. A full consultation is given to determine suitability.

Do you offer consultations? yes, consultations are free and take around 1 hour. Full aftercare support is also given. They can be booked online here or by telephone.


Are you qualified to fit this system? I’m a fully qualified & experienced hairdresser of 20 years & hold all the relevant qualifications for hair loss and extensions. 


How is the system fitted? My system is stitched on channels of silicon lined beads in a bespoke placement for each client. Some clients that have very fine or no hair at the front will need adhesive tabs to secure the topper or closure down.


What does the underneath look like? Sections of flat hair with silicon lined microbeads. I have pictures and examples for you to look at when you visit for a consultation.


Can I wear it up? Yes, but lower ponytails work best.


Is the system heavy? This really depends on the hairpieces chosen. Not normally as they are fitted securely with minimal tension.


Do I have to have long hair? My system is great for most lengths of hair, My toppers create styles with partings and fringes and longer lengths. 


How do I wash/ maintain the system? Once a week for washing and the link to my aftercare bible is here -

What products can I use on the system? All products are included with your hair cost along with full instructions on how to wash your new hair.


Will anyone notice? My best work goes undetected so it will be up to you if you tell your loved ones ( a bit like those secret anti wrinkle injections) .Fringes are always needed to blend front hairlines in.


How long does the system last?

Lifespans (approx) Wefts can last around  6months 

Parting pieces- Basic hand knotted closures will need replacing frequently due to their construction.


How much does it cost? Hair costs ( plus fitting ) - Closures start from £190 with custom colouring & wefts from £200. More realistic master partings & closures start from £350.


I’m always sourcing the best hair pieces for my clients.


How often is and what’s the cost of the maintenance? Every 4-5 weeks a pinch forward is or maybe required to retighten front section (£40) Every 8-10 weeks full refits are required. Master parting / closures £80 Wefts £15/£20 per row. Cut & blow-dry of natural hair is also carried out at full refits at a charge of  £40 this includes deep hair and scalp cleanse. Your natural hair can also be coloured  if you wish at this refit from £35


Will my own hair be damaged?

This question is what my clients ask all the time ,your hair health is very important to me.


The simple answer is my hair loss system will be different for each client. It will suit certain clients better than others. All clients should seek advice of a dermatologist or trichologist first to diagnose your hair loss condition . I will fit as tension free as I can. For example on very fine hair finer toppers & wefts will be used. I will check your scalp & hair health at each appointment.


Can the system be colour matched to my own hair?


Yes I can make a replica of your hair colour . I love colouring the systems and have coloured hair for the last 20 years. I can do any colour that you want !


How realistic do the partings look and how natural will my hair line look?

Depending on the hair pieces chosen realistic partings can be achieved. Hair lines are covered by hair piece and the wefts normally. Fringes are always recommended for more discretion and a natural look.

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