• Rebecca Banham

Missing my clients so much ....

I hope everyone is keeping safe in lock down, I'm sure it will be over before we know it.

I really miss seeing all of my clients i have known some of you for years now & you feel like family to me, I genuinely look forward to seeing you all so much & hearing about your lives its one of the best parts of being a hairdresser,but I'm sure we will have a lot to catch up on when I'm back open - when Boris says we can cut hair again.

It's a great chance to spend time with our loved ones as we all are so busy with work,school runs etc.

I'm trying to make the most of this special time with Simon & Aisha even though some days are testing with a bossy 2-year-old, i cant think where she gets it from!

Simon can never complain now about having no time to get his jobs finished at home & I'm sure we can keep the fellas busy with our never-ending lists to-dos during this time to keep them occupied.

I Would love to hear how your all keeping busy & safe....

Best wishes

Rebecca xx

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