Covid 19 information...July/Aug 2021 update

I thank clients for your continued support during the pandemic.

July 19th restrictions lifting

From July 19th-

  • Clients you will not be required to wear a mask if you don't want to- If you still want to wear one that is fine whatever you feel happiest with (Masks must be worn for eyebrow waxes).

  • My cancellation policy still applies please read it here.

  • I will be asking my clients if you require me to wear mask.

  • Cleaning procedures will stay the same.

  • Fresh towels & gowns for each client as its always been.

  • I will phase gradually phase out the 15 min gap after each appointment-please arrive on time for your appointment, late arrivals may be turned away. 

  • Please cancel if you are unwell.

  • Occasionally I will have 2 clients in my room so I can perform skin tests & consultations etc.

  • I'm only accepting new clients now for hair extensions.

Christmas working hours -after a hectic year I'm taking a good break away from work to spend quality time with my family. My last day at work will be Tues 21st Dec & I will re-open Tuesday 4th Jan.



June-July update...

From the 1st of July the Cut & finish with all colouring services will increase to £32.50. 

Weft fitting prices will increase from £30 per row - £35.00.

Next price review is planned for the end of the year.


  • Please cancel if you or anyone in your house hold have any of the 'COVID 19 SYMPTOMS' ,Sickness/heavy cold

  • Family at home with upset stomachs etc please cancel your booking.

  • If you or anyone in your household are self isolating or waiting for results of a Covid test- please cancel with as much notice as possible so it gives me chance to fill the booking.

  • If you arrive visibly unwell I will have to refuse the appointment-

  • My cancellation policy still applies at my discretion.

  • Booking t&cs here

  • If me or close family member become unwell I will re-arrange with as much notice given as possible, cancellation notifications will be sent via text & email .

On arrival to your appointment/building work-

We are having an extension built at the moment - clients please wait in your car or come to my front door & will come out to meet you. ENTRY is now via my front door.

  •  Arrive a few mins before your appointment late customers will be classed as a no-show & cancellation fees will apply - I need a 15 min gap in-between clients to sanitise between appointments if you are late it will make it difficult for me to do the cleaning I need to without running late for my next client i also have school run & cannot be late.​

  • Children are not to accompany you to your hair appointment unless they are booked in for their own appointment.

  • I will be allowing skin tests & consultations to be carried out whilst another clients colour is developing as I can provide a 2 m distance.

  • Before your appointment please fill out the Covid questionnaire that my booking system sends you via email or the app.

  • Please arrive wearing your mask- if you forget your mask I have masks to purchase at £1 each (unless you are exempt from wearing one)

  • I will have hand sanitizer, clean gowns, towels & sanitized equipment ready for you ,clients will be required to wear a mask at all times you will be able to remove it whilst your colour is developing.

  • My work room will be well ventilated with fans, open windows etc.

  • I will be self testing regularly.

  • Refreshments & use of my facilities is now available.

  • Card payments, fresha pay & cash payments accepted.

If any of you have concerns please contact me directly thanks Rebecca x