Cocochoco Brazilian keratin blow-dry treatment aftercare instructions


Follow this guide for the best results from your treatment.


  1. Do not wash your hair until 3 days after treatment. (24 hours for hair Botox).

  2. Each morning on waking blast dry & re-straighten hair.

  3. If hair becomes wet or damp for any reason blow-dry & re-straighten immediately

  4. On humid /damp days re-dry & straighten hair 2-3 times per day as the extra humidity will weaken the effect of the treatment with the 1st 3 days. 

  5. Do not wear your hair up for the 1st 3 days (24 hours for hair Botox)as it will cause indentation marks in your hair. If any marks are caused by sleeping etc re-straighten immediately.

  6. Do not apply any hair products within the 3 day settling period.(24 hours for hair Botox).

  7. Hair colouring can be carried out 2 weeks after the treatment.(bleach colours are best done 2 weeks before) 

  8. Use the shampoos & conditioners  recommended by your stylist - incorrect products will remove the keratin blow-dry.This includes styling products with silicon in them.

  9. Swimming ,hot-tubs ,saunas  & using softened water will remove the treatment effects more quickly.

  10. The treatment results & lifespan will depend on your aftercare & lifestyle.

  11. The 1st treatment will be 70% + effective it’s advisable to have a repeat treatment 10-12 weeks after the 1st Brazilian blow-dry.

  12. Over time your hair will return to its natural texture keratin blow-dry's  are not a perm & do not change your hair permanently.

  13. It’s recommend to have a Cocochoco masque treatment with a cut & blow-dry 6-8 weeks after treatment to enhance treatment results and care for your hair this masque can also be purchased for home use to enhance results and add shine & gloss.

  14. Not suitable for clients with nut allergies.


If you have any questions please contact Rebecca banham hairdressing. 

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I source my aftercare & treatments directly from the manufacturer to ensure best quality products for my customers as there are many counterfeit keratin products which can damage the condition of your hair.